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Military equipment
Dehumidifying of ammunition storage, and preserving mothballed vehicles were some of the first applications in the military field. Small arms, tanks, vehicles, radio- and radar installations, underground rock cavern storage can all benefit from dehumidification techniques.
Archives for photographic film must be kept at low temperature and at low relative humidity, typically + 2 ºC, 30% RH. A controlled climate with stable relative humidity is also vital to prevent art collections, old documents, textiles, books etc from being damaged by the ravages of time.
Power stations and buildings
Being able to supply dry air inside industrial facilities and buildings is an important capability. Power plant boilers, piping, steam condensers, turbines and bridges are examples of dry air corrosion protection methods. Buildings that have suffered flooding or moisture damage can often be made fully functional again after drying out with dry air.
For manufacture of certain electronic equipment extremely clean, but also dry air is needed. For example we have supplied desiccant dehumidifiers and temperature control for products temporarily stored at 2 % RH 15 ºC, between different stages in a production process.
Production dehumidification
Adsorption dehumidifiers make it possible to produce pharmaceutical products all year round in a controlled dry atmosphere. Adsorption dehumidifiers increase production capacity in spray dryers and fluidized beds that are used, for example, in the food industry. Breweries can avoid mold and condensation on cold surfaces by using adsorption dehumidifiers.


Desiccant Dehumidifiers based on Carl Munters concept.
Single unit dehumidifiers from100 cfm to 16,500 cfm
Desiccant dehumidifier is delivered as a complete unit with fans, filter, rotor and controls. The dehumidifier is ready for site installation and connection to ducting and electrical mains.
Desiccant (adsorption) dehumidifiers are used for numerous purposes within areas which differ greatly from one another.

Dry air storage
In dry air storage an adsorption dehumidifier keeps the relative humidity at the desired level all year round regardless of the temperature. Basic dry air storage only requires an uninsulated, reasonably airtight, building fitted with a dehumidifier.