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Some  applications:

Machine Alignment Precision assembly setups and processes.
Machine Calibration Identifying and eliminating deviations from nominal data..
Part Inspection Verification of parts according to dimensional tolerances.
Reverse Engineering Reality to virtuality, creating CAD from actual objects.

As built documentation capturing reality, documenting what exists . 
Precise initial machine installation.
Accident research Documenting and researching collisions.
Crime scene or accident documentation .

​3D Laser Scanning


Create precision as-built drawings.

Laser scanning is a means of obtaining a 360-degree data capture within x, y and z axis that provides a three dimensional view of a facility. With a scanning camera operating at ultra-fast speed, it collects up to 500,000 individual surface geometry measurements per second and creates a ‘point cloud’ that can be viewed with specialized software. It is a way to bring a ‘smart’ digital picture of a facility back to a
designer who, using the industry’s predominant 3D CAD modeling software, can design or redesign facilities.

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